Ever since I was little, I’ve loved art; drawing, painting, creating things. Throughout growing up, my art was just a hobby I enjoyed in my free time. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I realized I could do something more with it. The doodling in my notebooks became murals on walls at my church and backdrops for VBS programs or bedrooms. My art had expanded. But then one day, I was challenged to create a picture of what God saw for someone in whom I was praying. I had no scope for this. It was new territory in art for me. But as through all my experiences in creating something, you just get started and trust your instincts. God wouldn’t let me down. He’d show me how to do this. In that little step of faith, a whole new world of art opened to me; Prophetic Art. I learned if I just trusted Him each step of the way, He would show me the exact painting that person needed. It’s a love letter from God to them. I may not know the whole story behind why I’m painting a picture, but that person and God usually do. All I’m supposed to do is listen to Him, allow Him to work through my art to speak to another. Over time, one piece of prophetic art lead to hundreds of pieces created for different people. Word got out, and people began asking me to pray and see what picture God had for them. My art began multiplying with God’s help. He had opened a whole new world for me.